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Caring for the Environment

Policy and Management

澳门葡京娱乐注册 Our Sustainability Committee, which guides the company-wide commitment to sustainability, is responsible for formulating and implementing the Group’s green policy. On the committee are staff representatives from our Hong Kong head office and five major properties in the Mainland: Beijing Kerry Centre, Jing An Kerry Centre, Kerry Parkside, Hangzhou Kerry Centre and Shenzhen Kerry Plaza.

An Environmental Policy for property development and management has been established, with environmental performance targets formally adopted by top management as our organizational goals.

The policy is implemented and constantly enhanced through our Environmental Management System (“EMS”), which was established in 2009. Today, this ISO 14001-accredited system has been adopted by Kerry Properties Limited (“KPL”), Kerry Property Management Services Limited (“KPMSL”) and MegaBox Management Services Limited (“MMSL”). Our Kerry Properties Development Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the PRC has also obtained the same ISO 14001 accreditation.

We have set annual objectives and targets for our headquarters, all development projects, and properties managed by KPMSL. As at 31 December 2016, we have successfully exceeded most of the targets.

Specifically, we have set a long-term carbon reduction target for headquarters and all managed properties in Hong Kong, including a 23% reduction in electricity usage and 23% reduction in carbon emissions for 2020 compared to the base year of 2011. After this target was achieved in 2015, a more aggressive target is being adopted for 2017 onwards.

A Green Procurement Manual was launched in 2015. It was compiled by a task force of representatives from our different departments and includes a list of product requirements specifying the environmental credentials of 50 items of products and services commonly used in property management and throughout our offices. Using these guidelines, purchase of products is evaluated based on such qualities as durability, recyclability, toxicity, energy consumption, use of clean technology and emission levels. This manual governs the procurement process for headquarters and properties managed by KPMSL in Hong Kong.

We believe the best way to promote green practices in the workplace is to encourage staff ownership through a bottom-up approach. Regular informal Green Lunches were therefore organized during 2016 to encourage the exchange of green ideas among staff members from different departments and levels. Some staff suggestions have been adopted by the Group as part of our “Green Every Day” programme.

Green Property Development and Management

Environmental Movement

In a key development, the Group’s property management arm launched an “Environmental Movement” in 2016 to engage the occupants of all its managed properties. This new green initiative aims to raise environmental awareness among residents and tenants and encourage them to nurture green habits. Under this programme, each property draws up an annual activity and incentive plan.

Effective recycling is a major theme of the “Environmental Movement”. Residents and tenants are now engaged in a wide variety of recycling (of used clothes, books, fluorescent lamps, electronic appliances, and festive plants and materials, etc.) and food and other waste collection initiatives. The past year’s activities included a food waste recycling pilot campaign where food waste was collected from Enterprise Square Five and converted to organic fertilizer for gardening at MegaBox and our Mid-Levels residences.

To drive home the environmental message, green tips have been formulated and presented in a creative way to the residents. Other educational activities included DIY workshops and green-theme fun days. Tours to country parks and interactive environmental expeditions were also organized for residents over the year to nurture their love for nature and allow them to learn about the latest eco-friendly technologies.

Joining Hands with Green Groups

The property management teams in the Mainland and Hong Kong are also active participants in local and worldwide green campaigns. For example, Shenzhen Kerry Plaza has taken part in a voluntary clean production reporting scheme to help local environmental authorities devise solutions to reduce energy consumption and pollution. Meanwhile KPMSL and MMSL have both participated in the “Power Smart” Energy Saving Contest organized by Friends of the Earth (HK). Kerry Residence at Jing An Kerry Centre has echoed the cause of “World Environment Day“, while MegaBox, Beijing Kerry Centre, Shenzhen Kerry Centre, Jing An Kerry Centre, Kerry Parkside, Tianjin Arcadia Court and Putian Arcadia Court have all supported the “Earth Hour” 2016 lights-off activity. KPMSL has also backed the “Hong Kong No Air Con Night” activity of Green Sense.

It is also possible to make festive celebrations with tenants more eco-friendly and community caring. MMSL thus engaged a social enterprise as caterer for its Christmas party for tenants, who were encouraged to bring their own utensils for the occasion.

Greener Construction

With regard to property development, the Group continues to promote and commend green and healthy construction practices at all its sites through the in-house “Green Construction Site Award”. The judging process includes the evaluation of each construction site against a set of criteria, including law abidance, site management structure, consideration towards the neighbourhood and passers-by, environmental performance, and innovation in green measures.

Green in Everyday Operations

To truly incorporate environmental considerations into our daily operations, we have embarked on a “Green Every Day” initiative in all our Mainland and Hong Kong operations. Through the provision of easily accessible waste separation facilities and staff barter platforms, smart use of resources, encouraging waste paper reuse, control of indoor temperatures and procurement of energy-saving appliances, green practices are being made easy for everyone. Some of these green practices, such as the use of recycled paper towels, were extended to our managed office premises and have received a positive response from tenants.

Taking on an inclusive approach, “Green Every Day” involves sharing of green news or information during staff morning briefings. Green can be fun too, and our staff activities often embrace a range of green concepts. Upcycling workshops were hosted during the year for staff and their families to make handcrafted works of art from used materials. Residents have joined in some of these workshops, such as one to ‘reconstruct’ old T-shirts. We have also mobilized our employees and their families to take part in tree planting programmes in Beijing and Shenzhen.

In another effort to put green concepts into practice, we partnered with CarbonCare Asia to host a sustainability seminar for management and suppliers of our major developments in the Mainland and Hong Kong. Participants were able to gain a deeper understanding of their own roles in the Group’s pursuit of sustainability.

Support of Green Organizations

We continued to support the work of various green organizations in Hong Kong over the past year.

The Hong Kong Green Building Council (“HKGBC”) is the leading body driving the standards and development of sustainable buildings in Hong Kong. The Group has been a Gold Patron of HKGBC since 2013.

We have also been a Council Member of the Business Environment Council (“BEC”) since 2013. An independent, charitable organization established by the business sector in Hong Kong, BEC has been at the forefront of promoting environmental excellence and contributing to the city’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

The Group is also delighted to support the “GREENPLUS Programme” as a participant. This programme is a collaborative platform enabling government, local chambers and trade associations, green groups, professional and academic bodies, and energy consumers to share energy efficiency and conservation knowledge.

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