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Caring for Our People

A Healthy Workplace and Work-life Balance

澳门葡京娱乐注册 Health and Safety

We endeavour to safeguard the health of employees, the general public and those who may come into contact with our business units’ activities. This commitment is outlined and endorsed in a Corporate Safety & Health Policy Statement adopted by Kerry Property Management Services Limited (“KPMSL”) for its property management operations. Under this policy statement, annual health and safety objectives and targets are set.

Our Safety Committee, formed by members from management to working level, supervises our efforts to integrate all reasonably practical safety measures into planning and operations, and reviews the policy periodically. Safety performance is measured and audited in order to benchmark progressive improvements.

In a proactive and caring move, the Kerry Group of Companies launched a 24-hour counselling hotline service in December 2016. The service aims to promote employees’ mental and physical well-being by listening to their concerns and worries on personal matters, or family or work-related issues. The hotline is managed by professional counsellors, and is available to employees and their immediate families. Conversations are kept in strict confidence. Should the counsellors identify cases that need follow-up, face-to-face meetings would be scheduled.

Various business units have also come up with ideas to help staff relieve work pressure. Putian Arcadia Court, for instance, has set up communication sessions for this purpose. To equip staff with the capacity to cope with work stress and maintain optimum mental health, MegaBox Management Services Limited (“MMSL”) has engaged an occupational health management consultancy to host a training course.

Workplace Well-being

Employee happiness and a healthy lifestyle are also major priorities. These are the main objectives behind the “We Care” programme designed for the members of our property management team, who are all invited to join monthly activities. A theme is adopted for every month, ranging from fun and sport, hobbies and health, to festive celebrations.

We take pleasure in sharing precious moments together. All staff working at the Group’s Hong Kong Mid-Levels properties celebrate their birthdays at monthly parties. During festivals, our different business units also give out gifts to staff.

Our various business units in Hong Kong and the Mainland also offer a variety of sports activities or exercises for staff. To enable staff to build their social network, inter-company and inter-departmental tournaments have been organized throughout the year. Our staff and their family members also had fun playing mass game during “The Kerry Group Sports and Fun Day”.

We encourage our staff to pursue different interests to unwind and unleash their talent through hosting different interest classes such as calligraphy, the art of tea and floral arrangements. The Group also showed support to various sports groups voluntarily formed by staff.

Family Friendly

Some of our frontline property management staff of the PRC Property Division come to work in the city while their families remain in their home towns. To facilitate family visits, Shenzhen Kerry Plaza provides accommodation for staff members so that they can spend time with their loved ones. The business unit also arranged for the children of its staff to visit their parents’ work place on National Children’s Day. We encourage staff to bring their families to our various outings and fun activities.

Returning home for Chinese New Year can be very difficult for some staff members who travel huge distances to work. Our Hangzhou team has arranged to give complimentary transport tickets to some frontline staff. We are also proud of our colleagues who have generously reached out to help their team members in need of other kinds of support.

Talent Development

Professional Training

Environmental considerations form one of the core principles of our business operations. This is made possible by having every member of our company observe and adhere to our green practices. Awareness of our EMS continues to be a mandatory training for all employees, while EMS implementation training is provided to project management and property services teams. The Group has also sponsored staff to attend external professional training including BEAM Professionals training.

To ensure strict compliance with our fundamental values of integrity and fairness, staff members have been invited to attend a series of talks given by the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Equal Opportunities Commission.

A variety of seminars and workshops are also regularly organized to keep our staff members updated on professional skill sets to prepare them for personal and career development. In 2016, these professional training sessions covered technological advances, the enterprise resource planning system, regulatory issues, PRC tax reform, government policies, energy efficiency installations and consumer psychology. Practical skills such as the safe use of electrical devices, tree risk assessment and slope maintenance may also be acquired through some other staff courses.

At Shenzhen Kerry Plaza, regular lunch talks were also hosted over the year to encourage sharing and learning among staff. Topics included exchange of professional skills, environmental protection, culture, physical and mental self-maintenance, and uplifting messages.

Leadership Development

Two rounds of leadership skills training sessions have been organized to equip newly promoted property services officers and managers to face new challenges. This four-module programme helps them motivate and manage a workforce with a wide age range.

For newly recruited assistant property management officers, an officer trainee programme has been developed to provide them with intensive training on customer service, personal effectiveness, supervisory skills and language.

We believe that our coaching culture plays a key role in unleashing the full potential of our valuable human capital. To nurture our staff’s coaching skills, we have arranged a number of Train the Trainer and soft skills sessions for them.

Training for Customer Services Enhancement

Through a “7Ups Development” programme comprising seven modules, our frontline customer services staff receive training in communication, problem solving, creative thinking and language proficiency.

The “Service Excellence Programme” is for both new hires and existing staff as refresher course on delivering first-class experience to the customers. This programme is extended to contractors’ teams to ensure service excellence. With cross-company training, our staff also get the opportunity to share and learn best service practices from the Shangri-La teams.

Our customer services staff may also choose from a wide range of courses and talks, on topics such as automated external defibrillation, serving customers with disabilities and visually impaired persons with guide dogs, fire safety, playground safety, anti-terrorist drills, inspection of renovation works, professional make-up, etiquette, broadcasting, English conversation skills, and risk prevention.

A “Make Work Fun” programme is in place for property management team members to learn useful handicrafts and party tricks. The aim is to help staff in organizing clubhouse activities for residents. Trainers are from the team and the programme therefore also provides a platform for staff to showcase their individual talents.

Team Building and Communication

The “Buddy Programme” aims to foster team spirit among members of the property management division. This staff care programme identifies and trains enthusiastic staff members to be new hires’ buddies, helping them to better adapt to and establish connections in the new environment.

As a learning organization, we make knowledge readily accessible to all staff. Our PRC property management operation, for example, has set up a “Kerry WeChat Academy” to enable the sharing of work knowledge, everyday experiences and other useful messages via a mobile online platform. Our Hong Kong team members also get updated on company news, and communicate and share their views on our Intranet platform. Shenzhen Kerry Plaza also has an online sharing platform “Jia Yuan” for staff.

Staff often provide creative ideas to improve customer service and to optimize work processes via the “i-Suggest” programme. Their creative and useful ideas are rewarded and shared with all staff through our internal publication, the Art of Service, and Intranet.

Team building is also achieved through a range of activities, from outdoor training and staff day excursions to experiential learning.

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